Case Study: Securing Success – The France Kléber Investment Program

Discover the partnership between Regenium Capital and SOFIDY that led to the successful Levallois Investment Program,
a testament to secure investments and meticulous planning.

Project Overview: Guiding SOFIDY to Secure Investments

In a competitive real estate market, SOFIDY, a prominent Fund manager, sought secure investments to enhance its portfolio. Regenium Capital, recognized for its expertise in urban development and investment strategy, was entrusted with advising SOFIDY on sourcing new investment opportunities.

Identifying Ideal Assets: Office Building in Levallois

Regenium Capital, conducted an extensive market review to identify investment opportunities. The focus zeroed in on a 5,800 m² office building owned by the listed company Klépierre in Levallois. Recognizing the potential of this asset, Regenium Capital facilitated a transfer agreement between Klépierre and SOFIDY.

Strategic Evaluation: Optimizing Tenancy Schedule

Following meticulous review by Regenium Capital, a comprehensive Capital Expenditure (Capex) plan was implemented. The strategic goal was to enhance the tenancy schedule of the property. Through thoughtful planning and execution, the Levallois office building underwent enhancements that not only improved its overall appeal but also strategically increased the net rental income.

Results: Enhanced Property and Increased Rental Income

The Levallois Investment Program resulted in a transformed office building with a vastly improved tenancy schedule. The strategic interventions executed by Regenium Capital contributed to a significant increase in net rental income, validating the success of the secure investment strategy and meticulous planning.

Conclusion: Securing Investments

The Levallois Investment Program stands as a testament to the collaborative success of Regenium Capital and SOFIDY in the realm of secure investments. By identifying ideal assets, implementing action plan, and executing thoughtful enhancements, this project showcases the commitment of Regenium Capital to excellence in real estate investment strategy.

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