Our Methods / Our Action Plan

Innovative Methods: Redefining Urban Renewal Through Sustainable Practices

Regenium Capital specializes in cutting-edge methods that prioritize cost and risk assessment while optimizing already-existing properties. Our projects are meticulously designed to enhance property capacity without expanding ground coverage, integrating open spaces seamlessly with the density of refitted buildings.

Simplicity : Streamlining Development for Efficiency

Our upstream research and development activities, conducted in collaboration with stakeholders, are geared towards simplifying mechanical interventions. By optimizing project development and operational phases well in advance of construction, we achieve significant time savings and avoid hidden costs.

Recycling : Sustainable Practices for Responsible Urban Renewal

At Regenium Capital, urban renewal is synonymous with responsible real estate practices. To reduce the carbon footprint and minimize delays, we prioritize the reuse of existing elements, including building structures. Our approach to the demolition-reconstruction phases aims to consume minimal energy, aligning with our commitment to sustainable development.

Frugality : Innovative Solutions with Environmental Sensibility

Our experts have a unique capacity to conceive innovative solutions that steer clear of technological escalation. In our commitment to energy-saving, we consider both material and immaterial elements required for renewing obsolete buildings. This approach limits the use of products and references, ensuring compatibility with norms and standards while significantly improving the energy performance of our projects.

Energy Management: ISO 50 001 Norm Compliance

Regenium Capital uphold rigorous standards of efficient energy management to enhance the sustainability of our projects. Our methods adhere to and often surpass industry norms and standards, ensuring that our projects not only meet but exceed expectations for environmental responsibility.

Our Commitment: Shaping Sustainable Urban Futures

Regenium Capital’s methods go beyond traditional practices. We believe in reshaping urban landscapes through innovation, sustainability, and a commitment to responsible business. Join us as we lead the way in advancing the circular economy and creating a lasting legacy for generations to come.