Case Study: Relais Residences – Bridging Housing Gaps for Key Workers

Explore the innovative solution provided by Regenium Capital to address the housing challenges faced by key workers in Paris region.

Project Overview: A Response to Housing Difficulties

Recognizing the housing difficulties encountered by key workers in the bustling metropolis of Paris and the Ile-de-France region, Regenium Capital embarked on a mission to provide a tailored solution.

Strategic Solution: Furnished Apartments with Services

After in depth research, Regenium Capital formulated a comprehensive plan. The vision was to establish a network of buildings strategically located around Paris, easily accessible by public transport, and in close proximity to key workers’ workplaces. The project aimed to offer furnished apartments with services, available for durations ranging from one month to a year. This flexibility was designed to accommodate the transient nature of key worker postings and transfers.

Operational Excellence: Partnering with Hotel Management Specialists

To ensure the seamless operation of these residences and address the financial constraints of young and mobile key workers, Regenium Capital partnered with a specialist in hotel management. This strategic collaboration ensured that the residences not only met the high standards of hospitality but also aligned with the limited budgets of their target audience.

Funding and Construction: A Strategic Partnership with RBS

Part of the funding for the construction of these residences was secured through a partnership with the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), a bank with a focus on real estate projects, enabling the commencement of the first construction phase featuring 400 apartments and studios. Emphasizing restoration and rehabilitation over new construction facilitated a swift and efficient project execution.

Transformation of Obsolete Buildings: Fast and Efficient Residences

Regenium Capital identified and repurposed empty and obsolete buildings for restoration, favoring efficiency over new construction. This approach allowed for a fast-track transformation, leading to the establishment of the first « Relais » residence in Chelles (77). Subsequent locations in Palaiseau (91), Clamart (92), and Thiais (94) followed suit, showcasing the success of this strategic approach.

Relais Residences: A Blend of Rental, Hotel, and Service Industries

The « Relais » residence emerged as a unique fusion of rental property and personalized services. Each apartment, equipped with an individual kitchenette, bathroom, TV, and bedding pack, provided a comfortable living space. The residence operates 24 hours a day, offering security to its residents. Additionally, residents enjoy complimentary access to a gym and sauna. The service offerings extend further with laundry, cleaning, a bar, snack options, and parking, all available at moderated costs.

Results: A Housing Haven for Key Workers

Regenium Capital’s Relais Residences have successfully bridged the housing gaps for key workers. By combining strategic location choices, partnership with hotel management specialists, and a commitment to repurposing existing structures, the project has not only met but exceeded the expectations of its residents.

Conclusion: A Model of Innovative Housing Solutions

The Relais Residences project stands as a model of innovative housing solutions, demonstrating Regenium Capital’s ability to creatively address societal challenges. This initiative goes beyond traditional real estate projects, reflecting a commitment to social responsibility and providing a blueprint for future housing innovations.

Embark on a journey where housing meets hospitality, and witness the transformative impact of Regenium Capital in creating a haven for key workers in the heart of the city.

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